Only peace will bring peace
In light of recent events between Palestinians and Israelis, along with voices that call out for revenge and voices that call out for peace and consolation, we the members of Habonim Dror Camp Moshava call upon the masses to advocate for peace.
We believe that breaking the cycle of revenge and hatred in the conflict is the only way to ensure that peace will be reached and that there would be no more bloodshed on all sides.
We’re calling you to raise awareness for our idea that only peace will bring peace and end this conflict. We encourage you to share this idea and to find creative peaceful ways to take action!
Also you can help spread the word by sharing a photo of you with the sign “Only peace will bring peace” along with this message! Use the hashtag #OnlyPeaceWillBringPeace!

ALWAYS IN THE WAY | Palestinians and the Jewish Conscience. Ari Paul, in Friday’s Souciant

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