Ah, Weekend (with pug:)

My latest published post on the Tumblr site, Bookporn, has me relishing the weekend by relaxing in my favorite chair and enjoying a favorite activity, reading (with my ever loyal companion: Pikachu Pug:)  In this photo I am pretty certain that I am in the final heart wrenching pages of Graham Greene’s The Heart of the Matter, the third novel I have completed in my quest to read just about everything that this conflicted, debauched, emotionally engaged literary genius has written (I like him; can you tell?:)

 Ah, weekend…

AND my latest book review on Amazon (well, second of two, actually:), is for my long-time friend, Sunshine’s, wonderful new memoir, When my Boyfriend was a Girl.  So, as we approach the weekend, why not plan some chair time, some book time, some pug time…and, if not in the mood for Graham Greene, why not plan to enjoy some Sunshine (sorry, Sunshine, I couldn’t resist:)…

When my Boyfriend was a Girl: a memoir

Sunshine Mugrabi


I have known Sunshine since we were housemates over twenty years ago in Berkeley, California. While I have not seen her in a number of years, her new memoir, When my Boyfriend was a Girl, made me feel as if I were back in our familiar living room on Ward street listening to her tell the tale of her latest love affair or heartache. She is one of the most genuine, humane, compassionate, and funny–yes, extremely funny–people I have ever known, and all of these qualities are present in this lovely book. The story she tells, in excellent fast-paced prose, is a story with which we, as human beings, are all familiar. The emotional trajectory of her relationship with Leor is one that most of us will recognize as our own. While her experience of loving someone undergoing a gender change is uniquely hers, the reality of wanting, needing, and making that human connection belongs to all of us. When my Boyfriend was a Girl is thoroughly engaging…a must-read!


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