In the spirit of, “you just can’t make this stuff up,” I share with you–potentially perplexed reader–that, at 8 a.m. on Monday morning, I will be at an elementary school sponsored event which no less than glorifies the greatness, celebrates the sanguineness, authenticates the awesomeness of this learning community’s many moms, with a diverse and no doubt delectable offering of muffins.   AND students are invited to attend as well…odd…

ImageAs a mom with a long-standing vested interest in muffins, I can only imagine the delicious delight that will be mine early Monday morning as I witness the chaotic chatter of women crowded together for the sole purpose of sharing…perhaps splitting…muffins.  AND our children will be there, which is–you know–odd.  But, nonetheless, I expect, even if a bit surreptitiously due to the proximity of my progeny, that I will–to the best of my ability–experience something akin to that which the event flyer’s illustration suggests, something similar to the sheer unselfconscious ecstasy displayed on the faces of the three pencil-sketched women, as those tantalizing muffins tease from below, their hungry mouths seemingly savoring that which is just out of reach…not to get carried away here, not to overstate that which can be described as (and, yes, oddly so )  just an elementary school event, but I for one plan to proudly participate, and I pledge–right here right now–to stem that hubristic impulse which would have me boast, though perhaps at an earlier time and in a less crowded place, that my muffin, and by whom I will not say, has been deemed as “melt in your mouth.”


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