Birthdays always make me nostalgic, wistful even, remembering a time, which seems not so long ago, when drugs were plentiful and pure, when all friends freely offered and accepted benefits, when skinny dipping uninvited in the local young republicans’ hot tub and then running naked to a safe house after the police were called and being forced to spend several hours cold and wet, in the safe house’s basement, as the police conducted a door-to-door search because one of your cohorts was stupid enough to leave an ounce of his weed in the young republican’s yard was “just what one did.”  Youth, as many of us learned from reading several of the chapters in Broken Hallelujah: notes from a marriage, sure is a wondrous and a many splendid thing.

But there comes a time when one simply has to realize that life is not just about driving too fast, blasting the Ramones, and eating Gummi Bears…am I right?  So, this year, in honor of a more mature approach to birthday revelry, an approbative nod, if you will, to the sobering (pun intended) revelations that a new year may bring, I have chosen to toss my carefree, free spirited nature to the gods and actually plan my big day before the sun even rises on August 18.  So here it is, dear reader, where I will be, and what I will be doing, on my special day, my birthday, in case you want to join me (and feel free to bring a toke, if you have one):

1.  Food I Will be Eating:


The BEST Peruvian tamales and Salvadoran pupusas!

2.  Book I Will be Reading:


Junot, baby, you sure can write…

3.  Movie I Will be Watching:


Alex Chilton–a true original…

4.  Drink I Will be Drinking:


It’s a mixer, right…?

5.  Man I Will be Sexing:

ImageMark Ruffalo–he may not read my blog–so please let him know…

Planned, perhaps too planned, but if life is what truly happens while you are busy making other plans, I can’t wait to see what tomorrow (actually) brings…

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