Priceless Progeny (On Mother’s Day)

A good morning make-your-own Bloody Mary with premium vodka–$9

Mother’s Day brunch at a favorite Mexican restaurant with my husband and three boys–$106

Receiving this Mother’s Day poem written by my 13-year-old son–PRICELESS!





You are unique

The perfect white dove

Words cannot describe

I am not a worthy scribe


Well, I guess I will try

I will describe you with two or more colors

Forest Green and Ocean Blue

Those are just two


You are often down to earth

Unlike a mom giving birth

Relaxed, Calm, and Passive

Like a cloud in the sky

Not a worry in your eyes

You are Forest Green


The woods call you

Nature does too

The pileated woodpecker

Are there ever so few

But you would find them all

More reasons why you are Forest Green


Other times you are wild

Crazy like a beast

Just released

Rushing around to do many tasks

But under the surface 

The real you lays

Like Ocean Blue


The ocean can be angry

So can you

Other times it can be calm and welcoming

The perfect color and the perfect temp.

That is you normally

An angel from above

I am not worthy of your Love


I guess this whole poem

Could be summed up

With a simple phrase

3 words and 8 letters

In short or in long

I Love you

And you’re a great mom

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