The Adulterer’s Notebook Addition/Pug Update

After publishing my last post, I became curious about what other poems, etc. I had planned to include in The Adulterer’s Notebook.  I came across Indian Summer and thought it would be a perfect follow-up to Desire, as not only does it deal with a similar theme, but my pugs are mentioned as well!  Please note that the poem is supposed to be single spaced, but I have given up dealing with the formatting challenges which seem to escape me…LIFE IS JUST TOO DAMN SHORT!  As for Pikachu, one of the pugs played with on the poem’s warm November day, I will know more at one this afternoon and will HOPEFULLY be bringing him home…wish us luck!


Late November

The gutter men are here

One with shoulder-length hair

and a lumberjack gait.

The other wears a skull-cap

His eyes are like James Dean

His easy laugh reminds me

of you.  I remember

When I hadn’t seen you

for a long time

I drove to the tennis courts

at three a.m.

after a drunken fight.

I parked beneath

the omniscient glare of the streetlight

and waited

as if you would come.  There

is no darkness

like the darkness at that hour,

and no defeat like returning home.

But today the men play

with my two pugs on the back deck—

And it is so warm for November

that I am mistaken

for a younger woman, and not

“a wife.”  Our last lesson

was like that:  we became

inebriated with the heat,

the sun’s glare

revealing things that shouldn’t.

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