Complement for the Compliment

I received such an incredible and unexpected Facebook message the other day from someone I hadn’t talked to in over twenty years (who had recently discovered Broken Hallelujah) that I feel compelled to honor the sender’s unabashed honesty, his fabulous forthrightness, his courageous compliment, by declaring the date I received his message a commemorative holiday.  From here on out and forever forward, March 20 will be officially known as–EX-LOVER ORAL SEX COMPLIMENT DAY.  I expect that this will catch on quickly, with bars featuring such specialty drinks as Oral Sex on the Beach and astute vendors cashing in on such sure-fire successes as t-shirts and hats emblazoned with the command to BEEP if you are a VAGETARIAN…

Additionally, as far as I am concerned, March 20 will always be the day that I–even though in a small and some MIGHT say inconsequential way–was juxtaposed with the awesome and inimitable Nico:

Anyway, I wanted you to know that I think of you often. I’m not sure if you know that it was you who first taught me to perform – and enjoy – cunnilingus (as Nico reportedly did for Iggy Pop, sometime earlier.) I thank you for that!

Please know, kind messenger, that you are most welcome–and believe me, the PLEASURE was all mine…

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