An Addendum and a Thank You

Well, I was feeling pretty darn good about dh after Valentine’s Day…I mean, irises and all…delivered early even…what a GOOD BOY, right?  Fast forward two days to when I am picking up my youngest son from a playdate at a friend’s house.  What is right in the middle of her kitchen table?  THE SAME BOUQUET…ONLY BIGGER!  

“I got the same flowers!”

“Yes, they were the one-click special at Easy Flowers.  Did you get two bouquets?”  




Putting all the flower ugliness (oxymoron?) aside, I want to express a heartfelt THANK YOU to inReads, WETA’s site dedicated to readers and writers in the DC area, for featuring my blog in their inBlog section!  Check it out:

inBlogs: Lifting the Veil – inReads
A local author’s take on the sometimes blurred line between fiction and nonfiction.

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